Evergreen RV Closes

Breaking News: Evergreen RV Closes Their Doors!

Evergreen RV closed their doors last Friday, June 10, 2016 and they may never open again. 

While definitive news outlets are still incredibly unclear as to what is going on with Evergreen RV, this is what we know for sure:

  • Date Unknown - Don Bloom of A Great Outdoor RV center in Canton, Texas said that he spoke with the company president and CEO, Don Emahiser, and he mentioned that they were looking for a buyer. 
  • September, 2014 - Evergreen RV purchased Skyline RVs from Skyline Corp. 
  • January 2015 - Evergreen RV closed the Skyline RV plant in Bristol and moved production to their main complex in Middlebury
  • June 6th - Several welders were laid off
  • June 6th - employee's were told that they would have jobs for about seven to 10 days. 
  • June 10th - All employees were told on Friday not to return on Monday

Reports are coming in saying that employees were staying busy all year and had months of orders on backlog. What's really surprising is that Evergreen RV hasn't shown any signs of financial struggles. 

So what's going on? Currently we're not sure, but everything has come to a stop for EverGreen RV. 

There are hundreds of RV dealers across the country who are currently purchase from one of the three brands that EverGreen owns and it's unclear what's going to happen to them. Here are some of the issues facing RV dealers:

  • Will some of the dealers who are waiting for orders receive anything to resupply their lots?
  • What about rebates on recently purchased units for buyers?
  • How will EverGreen, Skyline and Lifestyle Luxury RV parts be handled moving forward?

But more than that, this sudden close has affected more than just RV dealers and RV buyers, it has affected the lives of over 400 employees that work at EverGreen RV. 

With this closure, over 400 jobs have been lost and has employees scrambling to see what the future holds. 

As you can see, the sudden close of a major RV manufacturer will have huge ripple effects for some time to come. Some immediate and some will be long lasting. 

Evergreen RV is based out of Middlebury, Indiana and currently has over 400 workers. EverGreen RV is owned by investors and currently Kelly Rose is chairman.

EverGreen RV manufacturers travel trailers, fifth wheels and toy haulers. On top of the Evergreen RV brand, they also own Skyline RVs and Lifestyle Luxury RVs.

Stay tuned as we continue to learn more. 


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