How to sell RVs

This post outlines the best way how to sell RVs. 

The best way to sell your RV is to gather as much information as you can on your RV that you want to sell.

Here is an outline of the must have information that you need to gather:

  • Year, Manufacturer, Make and Model
  • Class type
  • List of features your RV has
  • Condition
  • Research pricing of similar RV's across the country
  • Write out your thoughts on the benefits that you like the best. Don't list what you don't like. This is a time to showcase the best of your RV. 

Here is your task list of what you need to do prior to selling your RV:

  • Create a text document with all of the information listed above. 
  • Take pictures of your RV
    • Walk around the outside of your RV photographing everything (Tread on tires, awning out, special outside features)
    • Walk around inside of RV photographing everything. Make sure to turn every light on and make sure everything is clean. 
  • Create a video walk-through of your RV
    • Use your smartphone and create a video walk-through of the exterior where you state the year make and model of the RV and all of the exterior features
    • No walk around the interior of the RV and go through all of the interior features. 
    • Make sure to pan the camera slowly so that it doesn't streak. 
    • Upload the video to Youtube (Watch this video how). Remember you will need a Gmail account first (Sign Up Here). 

Why are we creating all of this information?

By creating all of the information above, you will be able to demand a higher price for your RV and generate more leads. 

Think about it this way... when you go to buy an RV, what do you do? 

You search for video's on youtube and you look through as many pictures as you can find to see what the interior looks like prior to calling. 

What's more is that search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing, will send more traffic to your listing, the more data that you have. Search engines LOVE data!



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Friday, 26 May 2017

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